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Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (ACBA- BARF) for the canine species

Strengthened immune system





Further development of muscle mass





Compact, odorless feces




Easier to digest

We are producers and distributors of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (ACBA- BARF) for the canine species.

We provide natural food of the best quality for your dog with outlets nationwide.

Your pocket will benefit because your dog will be healthy, you wont spend lots of money on Vet bills.






Fatty Acids

What our clients say about us

“In January 2010 I looked for an alternative for nutritional deficiency: my dog, Tosca, had many skin problems. I tried several foods that indicated hypoallergenic ingredients without any good results until I found ACBA. Her health and behavior problems were solved.

The best food definitely. 

-P. Petersen


“Cocoa ate her feces, despite giving her a super Premium kibble, she always ate them. Since I found ACBA, she doesn’t do that anymore, besides his hair is very nice, I notice she has more energy and her muscles are better developed. ”


TITO, is my life partner, I’ve always looked for the best for him. On the recommendation of my daughter Ana, she suggested that I give her a better natural diet without preservatives. We tried and tested its excellent results, with Pet-food ACBA: hair and feces in much less quantity, solid. His weight went down (since he was a little bit of overweight) now I see he is more marked in a matter of muscle. What can I tell you, TITO is my pride.

We are both very happy with the decision of changing into and returning to Natural feeding ”

-Andrés Zapien