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Frequently asked questions

¿What is the right amount of food for my dog?

Fresh frozen menu:

250g small dog

500g medium dog

1 kg large dog

Extra large dog 1.5 kg

The best feeding tips: Always feed your dog with enough to keep him or her at the ideal weight, to confirm, it is necessary to run your hand firmly through the area of the ribs, you should feel the bones of the ribs with a firm layer of skin. With a low-weight dog you’ll be able to see its ribs even without touching and with an obese dog, you wont be able to feel its ribs when touched.

If your dog is getting overweight, offer him a smaller amount, if he is losing weight, increase the portion.

Feed adult dogs once a day, puppies should be fed three or four times a day until they are mature.

How to start feeding raw food?

Do not rush into making the change, it should be made gradually over a period of several weeks.

Start with a single source of protein.

It is recommended to start with chicken since it is easier to digest and gradually introduce another type of protein. Pet-food offers you a balanced chicken-based diet that you can start with. 

How should I introduce a natural diet, since I have fed my pet with processed foods?

Little by little! 7 to 10 days. The amount of food you are currently giving (kibble, canned or other) will be greater at the beginning.

Example: Day 1 to 5, 3/4 of the usual amount of the other and 1/4 of the daily portion of Pet-food recommended for the size of your dog. Continuing with half of each until finishing with 100% Pet-food ACBA.

Sudden changes in the diet can cause digestive disorders, no matter what type of new foods are presented.

If you have a puppy the change can be immediate since they have not been consuming commercial food for a long time; we suggest that the given portion of food be given two to four times a day.

A healthy adult should eat once a day.

With a sick young, mature, elderly dog or a pregnant female, it can vary according to that individual’s needs.

At what age can I start feeding my dog with a natural diet and how should I introduce this diet at an early age?

Wild dogs start eating raw, as soon as they are weaned. You can start feeding raw food to any fully weaned puppy.