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Myths vs Reality



Natural feeding is not practical.


Modern distribution and refrigeration makes natural feeding easy and gives your pet greater benefits.

You will have nutritional imbalance problems.


You can have chemical imbalances in your pet if the diet is not well balanced, by improving your education you can make a well balanced diet. Pet-food guarantees you a balanced raw food diet ready to be served to your pet.

Leftovers from the table are of lower quality than canned or dried foods.


Leftovers are cheap (free for users) and less processed, even raw.

It is true that they do not massage the teeth and gums, as would a raw food with fleshy bones.

You'll spend more consuming raw food.


The cost is at the level of a processed food but raw food has much higher quality, also taking into account that you will not visit the veterinarian so much, your savings will be greater. 

Some processed foods help with dental hygiene

Doubtful Benefit

A raw bone diet far exceeds treats and rawhides “bones” for dogs. Dry food increases dental problems.

Dogs with short snouts cannot handle bones.


If they start from a young age they learn soon. Taking into account their predisposition to dental diseases, your need for prevention is greater. Bone use is positive.

It is physically impossible for some breeds to eat bones and raw meat.


Natural food has hundreds of years of existence and processed food 70 to 80 years, nature could not be wrong.

Little research has been done to justify natural nutrition.


Nature tells us otherwise (carnivores have done it for millions of years).

Bones get stuck in teeth.

Rarely happens

An animal that practices with adequate bones is unlikely to have this happen.

The teeth break.

Rarely happens.

Inadequate bones (for example, beef bone marrow) can cause more damage. It is your duty to find the right bone for your dog.

Constipation is a unique problem of raw food.

Rarely happens.

Perros acostumbrados tienen de forma regular heces firmes. Los huesos cocidos, agudos e indigestibles; son en su mayoría los que están relacionados con problemas intestinales.

Acostummed dogs regularly have firm stools. Cooked, sharp and indigestible bones; are mostly related to intestinal problems.

A complete diet is impossible (ie chemically complete).


Natural diets instantly meet physical and chemical needs. 

Health problems will be common feeding your dog with a raw diet.


The elimination of a processed diet and providing a natural diet has always resulted in increased health.

Deficiencies will be likely to appear fedding your dog with a raw diet.


Pet-food offers you a raw diet made with fresh products with the right nutrients to keep your dog healthy; No preservatives or chemicals. 

Excessive nutritional disorders will occur fedding your dog a raw diet.


Many processed foods are unbalanced, have excess salt and protein (judged by their own standards). With a balanced raw diet, carnivores can process what is necessary to be healthy.