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How to handle our product

It is important to keep the package you receive in the freezer until you are going to serve it to your dog. Once thawed you can’t freeze it again. Defrost it in the environment, in the shade and on a surface where it is not exposed to heat.

Dogs love Petfood Acba, serve it with confidence and at room temperature. Use stainless steel or ceramic plates, these do not contain lead.
As a way to pamper your dog we recommend giving a portion or part of it, frozen or semi-frozen, your dog will love it for a hot or boring day as he or she will have to chew it.

Note: Some dogs do not enjoy frozen or cold food, it is up to you to know what they like and spoil them. Never give hot food, for example from the microwave or sunny as it loses its properties. Do not leave it out for a long time, remember that this is raw food, without preservatives, therefore perishable as the meat you eat.


The rest of the food must return to your refrigerator, Petfood Acba is best kept in ceramic or stainless steel containers, place a lid to prevent the juice of the meat from falling on other foods.

Note: According to the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), the temperature in a refrigerator should be 40 degrees F (4.4 Celsius) throughout, so that anywhere in the cabinet is safe for storage of any food. The freezer must be at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit. We suggest that you do not place too much food inside your refrigerator. Cold air has to circulate to keep food safe.

More tips

If your dog fasts one day a week, it is normal; with the exception of lactating females, older adults, puppies, convalescent or animals that show a low immune system.

We recommend that you give at least one raw bone a week to chew on, it is the best toothbrush a dog can have. Raw bones are easy to chew and digest to provide the calcium they need.

Sharp bones can cause damage to the throat, stomach or intestine, so we offer you the best bones in our sale stores and other distribuitors, you can ask for them when you call to place your order.

Note: Never feed cooked bones as they may splinter and cause internal problems for your dog.

Caution: If your dog has a problem with a chronic disease or a weakened immune system, then you should first discuss any diet changes with your veterinarian or ask us.