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[learn_more caption=”Who we are”] We are producers and distributors of Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (ACBA- BARF) for the canine species. We provide a natural food of the best quality for your dog ​​with outlets nationwide.

It has long been known that a healthy natural diet has many benefits, some of the most important are: behavior improvement, health, skin, weight, with this in mind we are proud to provide you the best natural food for dogs in Mexico since 2008.

Pet-food was born from the many years of experience in breeding, care and training of dogs to develop a perfect food to keep your pet in the best conditions.

– A holistic food that simulates the natural diet in the wild.

– No chemicals, synthetic flavors or preservatives.

– The pieces of meat are ground, packaged and frozen for storage.

– The ingredients of meat, organs, bones, vegetables, seeds, fatty acids, minerals and herbs.

– All ingredients come from fresh, raw foods for human consumption.

– We handle different mixtures of food (beef, chicken, rabbit).

We are committed to deliver food and service with the highest quality and health standards.


¨ If we eat poorly, no doctor can heal. If we eat well, no doctor is needed. ”


ACBA and Nutrition [/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”Product”] Benefits of raw food

* Strengthened immune system.

* Promotes healthy skin and coat.

* Compact, odorless feces.

* Further development of muscle mass.

* Decreased body fat.

* Teeth healthy and clean.

* Minerals and vitamins are more easily absorbed.

* Probiotics and natural antioxidants are present.

* A fresh and clean breath.

* Decreased itching and scratching.

* Easy to digest.

* Reduction in the symptoms of allergy.


Your pocket will benefit because your dog will be healthy, you wont spend lots of money on Vet bills. Each bag is ready to thaw and serve. No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.

Petfood ACBA [/learn_more]


[learn_more caption=”General advise”]

1.Serve food with confidence.

2.Serve at room temperature.

3.Use stainless steel or ceramic dishes. (lead free water and food)

4.Do not use the microwave oven, nor store in aluminum.

5.If your dog fast´s one day a week is normal except for lactating females, seniors, puppies, convalescing animals or low immune system.

6.The sharp bones can cause damage to the throat, stomach or bowel.

7.Never feed cooked bones, these can splinter and cause internal problems and your dog.

8.If your pet has a problem with a chronic disease or a weakened immune system, then you should first discuss any dietary changes or ask your vet.

9.It is necessary to feed bone at least one day a week to maintain healthy teeth.

10.The raw bones are easy to chew and digest to provide much needed calcium.[/learn_more]




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